International Surgical Sleep Society


This is an exciting time in sleep surgery, with major developments that are improving our ability to treat patients suffering from sleep disorders. The ISSS is the major organization dedicated to this field, and the ISSS contributes to these advances in sleep surgery through organizing scientific meetings that enable leading surgeons from around the world to share their experiences with the latest surgical techniques and cutting-edge research. The ISSS has initiated some research studies that are addressing important questions that patients and surgeons face every day.

Member Benefits

The USD 100 dues entitle the member to a number of benefits:

  • Discounted rates for attendance at ISSS meetings
  • Support ISSS efforts in the education of patients and colleagues about sleep surgery
  • Promote sleep surgery research
  • Receipt of ISSS newsletter
  • Listing on this website as an ISSS member

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TRAINEE/FELLOW MEMBERSHIP – includes access to lecture series

Complimentary registration is provided for otolaryngology trainees(residents) and fellows until completion of the program. Access will be limited to educational material, which includes the ISSS lecture series.

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