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Welcome to the International Surgical Sleep Society, the world’s preeminent organization dedicated to the surgical evaluation and treatment of patients with sleep disorders. The ISSS holds international scientific meetings that enable surgeons from around the world to discuss advances in sleep surgery and to share their research findings. These meetings have provided the foundation for ongoing ISSS research initiatives that will help patients with snoring or obstructive sleep apnea and the surgeons who care for them.


ISSS meetings bring together many of the world’s experts in sleep surgery for presentations and lively exchanges about novel treatments and innovative research. These international conferences have been held throughout the world, reflecting our commitment to sharing experiences and insights to advance the field. Learn more about our last meeting in New York, USA on May 10-11, 2019. 

The 11th ISSS meeting will take place in Brisbane, Australia from October 18-20 2020!

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This is an exciting time for sleep surgery. New developments are enabling surgeons to improve the lives of patients with sleep disorders like never before. Learn more about the benefits of membership in the ISSS here.

About ISSS

Dedicated To Sleep Apnea Treatment

The International Surgical Sleep Society (ISSS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering health worldwide by improving the care of people with sleep disorders. Formed in 2006, the society has members from around the globe.



The Power Of Collaboration In Research

The ISSS is initiating two multicenter research studies to advance our understanding of patient evaluation and outcomes of sleep surgery.


Next ISSS Annual Meeting

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Dates: October 18,-20, 2020

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