International Surgical Sleep Society


Membership requirements

Any person or institution involved in sleep surgical research or similar areas, or with an active interest in this area, may become a member of the ISSS. The ISSS supports applications for membership from scientists from a wide range of disciplines. Interest in sleep surgery is a condition of membership.

Member Benefits

  • Discounted rates for attendance at ISSS meetings
  • Support ISSS efforts in the education of patients and colleagues about sleep surgery
  • Promote sleep surgery research
  • Receipt of ISSS newsletter
  • Listing on this website as an ISSS member

Membership Dues

Annual Membership dues: $100 per individual physician

Membership dues are determined at the annual ISSS meeting.


After successful renewal and receipt of the appropriate member fee payment, the ISSS membership will be active for the following year.

ISSS Terms and conditions

I agree that all entered data will be saved and my name and country will appear in the list of ISSS members on the website.

I understand and agree that the receipt of any membership dues by the ISSS, which accompany this application for membership, does not constitute acceptance of my application of membership. I understand and agree that I shall not be considered a member of the ISSS until formal action is taken on my application for membership. I understand and agree that any benefit of membership initiated during the application period shall be terminated if my application is not approved. I understand and agree that if my application for membership is rejected for any reason, I shall be entitled to a full refund of any dues paid to the ISSS.

I understand that additional information may be requested by the ISSS in order to complete the application process.

User registration is required to access personal services online and certain online content. The user is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his/her account login details. The user registration is unique and personal. It should not be shared with anyone.

The ISSS shall not be held responsible for unauthorised use of the user’s account by a third party to whom the user may have, intentionally or not, disclosed his/her account login details.

Every ISSS member hereby accepts the terms and conditions, as well as the statutes of ISSS and agrees that his/her personal data, consisting of full name, profession, address (institution, hospital, department, home address) and email address may be used by the society to provide information material as well as information on scientific events. Every ISSS member furthermore agrees that the ISSS and its subsidiaries are entitled to send emails containing important information.